Norimichi Hirakawa: a lower world


  • Client
  • Mirror
  • Artist
  • Norimichi Hirakawa
  • Specification
  • 396 × 297mm, softcover, 512 pages
  • Design
  • Yoshihisa Tanaka
  • Printing
  • Hakkou Art Co., Ltd.
  • Period
  • Nov 2011
  • Photography for the website
  • Hiroshi Manaka

Artist’s book by Norimichi Hirakawa, who focuses on video works using computer programming. Using a time expression on a computer system, UNIX time, a sequence of times when the purchaser ordered the book online is given as an edition number. Each book has different contents, in which the visuals are automatically generated from several rows and are used for printing. On-demand printing enables to print all 100% CMYK and the surface printed on black paper gives off a unique glossy texture.