Memory of Paper


  • Client
  • Curator
  • Kayo Tokuda
  • Artists
  • Koh Kado (Kamisoe), Yoshihisa Tanaka
  • Cordinate
  • Shunya Hashizume
  • Venue
  • TAIZA Studio
  • Period
  • Nov 2021

By daring to make paper books and newspapers, which are disappearing, we are attempting to reconsider the value of paper and water, which we want to pass on to the next generation, from the perspective of design and handcraft.  

We want to believe that paper and water will never disappear from our social life.  

As digitalization progresses, paper is losing its meaning.  

The paper that we used to write on over and over again is now mechanized, and we think of it as something that can be easily produced and consumed. We are under the illusion that water will never run out, no matter how much we use.      

In this exhibition, Karakami-shi and graphic designer will exhibit and show the process of making “TAIZA-kami,” a Japanese paper made by reusing waste materials (rope, driftwood, glass, plastic, etc.) washed ashore and discarded on the beaches of Taiza.    

Using paper as the subject matter, the two-person exhibition will convey the significance of passing on the beauty of the environment and the importance of solving problems that can only be solved by connecting with others who have different talents and wisdom. The goal of this project is to encourage children to choose a way of life that contributes to a sustainable society in their daily lives after.