Yoshihisa Tanaka × Tokyo Design Studio cooperative research


  • Client
  • T-HOUSE New Balance
  • Design
  • Yoshihisa Tanaka, Shugo Moritani (Tokyo Design Studio)
  • Photography
  • Gottingham
  • PR
  • Takeshi Gonnokami (W Inc.)
  • Movie
  • Kohei Omachi
  • Cooperation
  • Awagami Factory, Ace Package, TAKEO Co., Ltd., Kayo Aoki, Licue & Sneakers, Cosmotech, Shinohara Shiko Ltd.
  • Period
  • Nov 2020 – ongoing
  • Photo
  • Den Gai

A project with New Balance Tokyo Design Studio to jointly research the awareness and values of upcycling scraps and waste materials to update the distribution of shoes. For the first project, a shoe box was made from handmade Japanese paper made from scrap shoes, and for the second project, a prototype of shoes, shoelaces and shoe box were made from Japanese paper that was machine-made by crushing scraps.


These prototypes are exhibited at T-HOUSE New Balance. At the time of the second project, a sneaker wash service was provided and visitors can clean their own shoes, which is returned in a shoe box made of Japanese paper.