Martin Kippenberger: Martin Kippenberger


  • Client
  • Taka Ishii Gallery
  • Specification
  • 210 × 136mm, softcover, Wood Case, 200 pages
  • Design
  • Yoshihisa Tanaka
  • Printing
  • Hakkou Art Co., Ltd.
  • Period
  • Jul 2015
  • Photography for the website
  • Hiroshi Manaka

A special edition of the compilation of works by an artist, Martin Kippenberger. This book was published in conjunction with a solo exhibition held at Taka Ishii Gallery in 2015. The wooden case was made by hands one by one using plywood that Martin Kippenberger often used in his multiple works. The case contains texts by photographic researcher, Minoru Shimizu, posters and photobooks.