• Client
  • Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
  • Design
  • centre: Yoshihisa Tanaka, Yoshiko Tanigawa
  • Location
  • Tokyo
  • Period
  • Sep 2016
  • Photo
  • Shintaro Yamanaka

In conjunction with the reopening of the 20th anniversary of the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, in charge of creating new logo and logotypes, sign planning and stationery.


The symbol mark highlights the new museum name “TOP” by strikingly using light which creates photographs and images. “TOP” looks like opening the door, represents the depth and spatiality of the museum, opens the door of new expression, and imagines the mind to welcome visitors.


For the typeface used with the symbol mark, Yu Gothic was selected as a durable typeface which does not change its beauty even after many years of use, in harmony with various environments and works. The Japanese logotype is also by Osamu Torinoumi (JIYUKOBO Ltd.).